UPDATED: DEBUNKED Possible Plot For Transformers 4 Revealed




According to unleashthefanboy.com the script states that the film takes place 4 years after Dark of the Moon. There is a new threat among the Autobots; UNICRON, along with other allies to plan an attack on earth.

The opening of the film starts out with a meteor storm, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’ve seen the last 3 movies. Cut to the scene where a mysterious metal space ball lands towards Stonehenge. Oddly enough the the ball is a spaceship. Vector Prime is the creator of the ship and is known for being the life long guardian of Primus. Which is the only one who can stop the deadly Unicron.

Optimus and the rest of the Autobots team up with Vector Prime to find the location of Primus, leading into Unicron’s lethal scheme. Along with GALVATRON, Unicron ambushes a secret Government base located…

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Brave Gohkin Aestivalis Akito & Amano Custom 1/72

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We Love Mecha

This pair of beauties come from the fantastic anime series MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO (seriously, if you’ve not seen it, go grab a copy, it is superb).  A pair of Aestivalis mechas, one belonging to Akito (the hero of the show) and the other to Amano.  Both sport the energy knives and lances.  These are die-cast models with limited articulation but superb detailing.  We now have four of these top models…just 3 more to go to own the set!

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