The Jedi Master’s Quizbook by Rusty Miller (Ballantine 30697 – 1982)

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Vintage (and not so vintage) Paperbacks

425 cosmic questions & answers about Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back

Test Yourself…
Test A Friend…
Test A Wookie…

Who was Red Six in the battle of the Death Star?
What was Threepio’s first job?
How many horns does a Tauntaun have?
Where did Luke and Han first meet?

Stumped already? These are only a sample of the easier questions. There are many more puzzlers inside to provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment for you and your friends.

Star Wars movie franchise tie-in. A paperback original first edition compiled by Rusty Miller (age 11). Cover by Ralph McQuarrie.

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I’m Kind of Embarrassed to Admit This

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Fieldwork in Stilettos

disney darth vaderSo like I said on Wednesday, it gets worse.  Except this part is more embarrassing than anything else, and I’m the one who’s embarrassed.

Little-Miss-Junior-Frappucino’s mother is all excited about the new Star Wars movies.  She’s never seen Star Wars, and she knows nothing about Star Wars, but she’d like to take Junior Frappucino and her brother to see them, provided that the films are age appropriate.

(I’m not sure when age appropriateness became such a huge concern of hers, seeing as Junior Frap is waddling around in Disney Princess stripper shoes, but far be it from me…)

She begins polling various coffee shop patrons about their thoughts.  She polls the baristas too and my friend Rich the dog walker.

“Are they good?” she asks.

Of course they’re good, I find myself thinking.  Why do you think Disney just bought the rights to the last three?


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Notes on making a good Star Wars movie

Matinee Culture

I know the news is a month and a half old. I needed time to process.

Star Wars is a mild obsession for me. “A New Hope” is one of the earliest films I remember watching, I’ve seen the originals dozens and dozens of times (and the prequels several times as well), I’ve read the books, I own the Trivial Pursuit game, I tracked down the Holiday Special, and I’ve sunk more money than I care to admit into Decipher’s 1990s licensed card game. The top of one of my bookcases looks like this:

So it’s safe to say I have some investment in the franchise.

When I first heard the news that George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm to the rapidly expanding Disney empire so the House of Mouse could craft more Star Wars movies, my first reaction was one of utter horror. Tinkering with the Star Wars film canon…

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Beaten Metal Millennium Falcon in Steve Sansweet’s collection

Mffanrodders's Blog

Mike recently went to see Steve Sansweets’ collection at Rancho Obi Wan and sent me some really nice photos of Millennium Falcon related pieces in his [Steve’s] collection. One of those items was an incredible fan made model of the Millennium Falcon. It looks like it’s been made from beaten tin or aluminium and has copper wire detailing on the sidewalls. It’s an incredible piece of work and has just blown me away.

Tin Falcon 2

Tin Falcon 6

Tin Falcon 9

The artist has made two internal compartments, one at the front showing the main recreational area and one at the rear showing the engine room.

Tin Falcon 1

Tin Falcon 3

Tin Falcon 8

Tin Falcon 4

Tin Falcon 5

I think the Ramp’s a nice touch too.

Tin Falcon 7

I’d like to see what the model looks like with the cover plates on. It’s difficult to gauge the size of this model, but i’d estimate that it’s got to be at least three feet long. I dread to think how heavy something like this must be. Unfortunately…

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Origami Yoda


OrigamiYodaOrigami (from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD, at the latest, and was popularized outside of Japan in the mid-1900s.

Since then, this art has evolved and adapted to our times. This excellent representation of Yoda, from Star Wars, was created by Kawahata Fumiaki and is a good sample of this evolution.

Leer en Español:

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Interview With Frank Rich Star Wars Autograph Collector

Blastzone Mike's Live Show/blastzone Online


Frank will be doing a article on each of his Star Wars autographs. The first one will be up toady.

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

FR: Hi everyone, my name is Frank Rich, and I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I saw the original Star Wars film when it was released in 1977. I had just about the entire line of Kenner toys back then, and playing with those toys are some of my happiest childhood memories. Star Wars has been an important part of my life and I enjoy sharing that passion with others. I live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts and in my “real” life I am a behaviorist and sign language interpreter.

MW: How would people in the Star Wars universe know you?

FR: People in the Star Wars universe may know me from my website Star Wars Autograph Collection. I am…

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Pewter Millennium Falcon by Donald James

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Mffanrodders's Blog

I picked up this rather nice pewter Millennium Falcon from Donald James‘ Etsy shop for $25.

Donald James

The hole on the underside makes me wonder if this is actually cast from a Micro Machine.

Donald James 2

No matter, it’s a nice piece and displays well next to my Franklin Mint and Rawcliffe pewter ships. 🙂

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Star Wars Diagram Coasters

If you ever consider collecting Star Wars memorabilia just check how easy it can be at

Mffanrodders's Blog

After getting my Table from R-9 last year, i’ve been on the look out for some nice Millennium Falcon coasters to complete the look. These Diagram coasters by West Art and Glass (AKA Zena West) on Etsy seem to fit the bill nicely.

Coaster Millennium Falcon

There are three designs available, but i’m going exclusively with the Millennium Falcon.


They’re 10 cms by 10 cms and made from coloured glass and are available for £7.50 per coaster. Sure, that does seem expensive, but it can’t be a cheap thing to produce glass in limited quantities like this. I’ve ordered one each for Mike, James (another Falcon collector) and myself and i’ll probably get a few more over the coming months to make a set of four.

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Star Wars Ornaments Wish List

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star wars orns

One popular gift item for the holidays with fans are Star Wars ornaments. Though there are produced by different companies the best ones are those made by Hallmark. They were first produced by Hallmark in 1996 a few years after the success of the Hallmark’s other sci-fifalcon brand the Star Trek ornaments. The first beautifully detailed ship ornament was of the Millennium Falcon and in that same year, Hallmark produced a set of mini-ornaments which consisted of a TIE fighter, an X-wing fighter and an AT-AT.

Since then, the company has released several ornaments each year and there is no sign of slowing down. Many of these ornaments have become highly sought after in the secondary market like the original R2-D2, while others are duds that would be lucky to fetch a buck on eBay (examples of those include Emperor Palpatine and Princess Leia in her slave outfit).

The pattern…

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The Millenium Falcon and Giant St. Bernards 1978

If you ever consider collecting Star Wars memorabilia just check how easy it can be at

The Rhino Wrangler

We saw Star Wars at the Robin outdoor theater in Rockford in 1977. I have to be honest and admit I can’t be sure if I went to sleep in the car or not. What I do remember vividly is how badly I wanted the Millenium Falcon toy in the Sear’s Christmas catalog. I may have even asked, but it’s more than likely I knew the $27.00 price made it an impossible dream. I didn’t get the Millenium Falcon that year. I did get the land cruiser and moved on.

The next year over Christmas holiday I went with my grandmother to her work at a local meat processing plant owned by a family farmer. It was winter and I remember several huge St. Bernards patrolled the farm and in general weren’t terribly friendly. Anyway, while my grandmother shaved meat from bones with her crippled hands I played with the…

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What You Missed…

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Theology of Games

It’s been a busy week for us… Unfortunately, not because of the blog, but because of life. So it’s been an unusual week, but here is what we have been up to this week! Enjoy!

Star Wars X-WingThere is a lot of news flying around this time of year and here are some of the new announcements we brought you –
Fantasy Flight Announces the Kessel Run for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures.

Looney Labs announced the near completion of the Fluxx iOS app.

And AEG announced the first expansion for Smash Up!

Firestone also posted a review to “Get Bit!”

And we’ve added  yet another installment of the 2012 Christmas Holiday Gift Guide!

Thanks so much for reading, and have great weekend!

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