Christmas 2012 FDC

Postcards, stamps and life.

I really liked this year’s Christmas stamps. The cheaper stamp is a lovely triangle shaped Christmas tree stamp and the first class stamp is a beautiful candle lantern stamp. I really love the deep, dark colors of it. A lot. That’s why I bought a bunch of the stamps. Too bad I already spent most of them on postcards I sent today, haha. I can always get some more, though! 🙂 Also, the cancellation is extremely pretty on this FDC.


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GOING POSTAL: The Half-Eaten Mind’s virtual postage stamps

By Vijay Shah

With the advent of the Internet and a greater ease and speed of use in technology, it has become nearly effortless for anyone with the slightest technological prowess to produce personalised and tailor-made items, within a matter of minutes. Before the computer age, you would either have had to pay a lot of money to get something made especially for you or a loved one or go the free route and make good skilled use of a sharp instrument or pen. Either way, for the ordinary consumer, personalisation was a limited affair.

Now, with the help of a keyboard and mouse, anyone can dream up personalised items. Hundreds of retailers now market everything including personalised photo mugs, mouse mats, party banners etc, within which the client can pick their own choice of graphics, inscriptions and photos and come away with something just as good as the mass-produced…

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Commemorative stamp and medal – Palace of the Republic

The GDR Objectified

The completion of the Palace of the Republic in April 1976 marked the end of the largest prestige project in GDR history. The building costs were officially 485 million East Marks, though internal figures presented to the Minister of Construction increased the sum to 800 million. Other sources have put the total price tag closer to 1 billion Marks. Regardless of this, the money spent was considerable for a country the size of the GDR and the project had significant impact on the country’s finances. Its prioritization also created significant resentment in the “provinces” as many resources (incl. materials and construction crews) were redirected to the capital to ensure this job was completed on time.

For the Party, however, there was a feeling of a job well done. To mark the opening of the Palace, the GDR Post issued a stamp featuring the image of the finished Palace and a…

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“Filipinas 2 C. de Peso”

If you ever consider collecting stamps just check how easy it can be at

Joel Reyes Noche

spanishMy friend Patrick and I used to collect stamps when we were young. He gave me the stamp shown on the left.  Based on what I’ve seen on the website The Philippine Philatelist, it seems to be a Philippine stamp issued during the reign of Alfonso XIII, King of Spain from 1886 to 1931, when the Philippines was a Spanish colony.  I’m trying to identify it.  Four candidates are shown below (from left to right):  a 2 centavos violet issued February 1, 1892, a 2 centavos dark brown issued January 1, 1894, a 2 centavos ultramarine issued January 1, 1896, and a 2 centavos gray brown issued January 1, 1896. (Click on the pictures to see where I got them.)  I think my stamp is a violet one.


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We have a Post & Go machine!

The British Postal Museum & Archive blog

We are delighted have a fully functioning Royal Mail Post & Go machine in our Archive Search Room foyer from today. After installation and testing last Friday the machine is now operational and available to visitors. This makes the BPMA the first place to get a permanent Royal Mail Hytech Post & Go machine outside an exhibition environment.

Post & Go machines produce self-adhesive stamps on demand and are usually located in Post Office branches. Post & Go stamps are proving to be very popular with collectors and we are expecting long queues in our Search Room foyer today.

Our Post & Go machine holds two different stamp designs, which will be changed 3-4 times a year. The first stamps will be the special Christmas Robin and the standard Machin designs. A unique overprint has been especially designed for the BPMA machine, reading “The B.P.M.A.”.

Please note that the machine…

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Design error?

Joel Reyes Noche

(Originally posted at on September 13, 2012 3:18 AM)


I collected stamps when I was a child and as a result I have a lot of mint Philippine stamps from the late 1980s.  These include blocks, imperforates, and souvenir sheets.

Of special interest is the pair of stamps shown above.  It seems that they have Scott number 1919 and were issued on February 25, 1988.  But the one at the bottom seems to be a design error as it has the incorrect date 1938.

Note that the stamp at the bottom has slightly different colors, messier perforations, and blurrier printing.  If you have any information about this stamp, please leave a comment.  Thanks.

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