New Canadian Bald Eagle Coin Only One of Two Hundred Struck Worldwide

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Have you ever wanted to own an extremely rare coin? The 2013 Canadian Bald Eagle Platinum PF70 UC NGC is 1 of only 200 struck worldwide and only 100 were released in the United States! How much more rare can you get?2013 Canada Bald Eagle Platinum PF70 UC NGC with OGP

The striking reverse image features two bald eagles perched on the rocky shore of their natural environment; a broad, fast-moving Canadian river. The bald eagle is Canada’s largest bird of prey, which was recently brought back from the brink of extinction. Centered in the foreground, the eagles sit side-by-side. The one closest to the viewer is presented in three-quarter profile, its characteristic snowy head, sharp curved beak, dark, majestic wing and body feathers, and long talons rendered in exquisite dimensional detail. The eagle stares authoritatively into the eyes of viewer. On the left side of the image, behind and to the side of the central eagle, sits a…

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Investing in Collectible coins

Aditya Ladia

Its been almost a year since I wrote about investing in coins – Investment of a different Kind Buy collectible coins.

Gold and Silver prices have sea-sawed in this timeframe. We saw Gold hitting lows of 1536 and highs of 1794 whereas Silver went to highs of 37.14 and lows of 26.35.

But what happened to the value of coins?

The Bullion category like – American Silver Eagles, Austrian Phila and Canadian Maple leaves have moved slong with the silver price. However the Australian Mint – Kookaburras and Lunar Series, Chinese Pandas and Canadian wildlife series have shown reaonable appreciation.

The 2012 Lunar Dragon 1 oz Silver coin that was launched at SGD$60 a piece now sells for SGD$75 or more (25% appreciation)

The 2012 1 oz silver Panda moved from SGD$53 to SGD$60 (13% appreciation)

Canadian Wildlife Wolf 1 oz silver that was selling for SGD60 in the…

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Found My Second Silver Coin

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Metal Detecting the Ozark Mountains

I had about an hour to go metal detecting, so I headed to a field where I’ve been finding alot of wheat pennies dating from 1910 to the 1950’s. I figured that there had to be silver somewhere in that field based on the number of wheat pennies I was finding.

Honestly, I had all but given up on finding any silver there because for whatever reason it had eluded me. I thought “Surely there is a silver coin in that field somewhere and it seems like a guy could accidentally find a silver coin eventually!” After a handful of junk finds, I got a decent signal and dug down about 3 inches and flipped back the plug, but the target was gone.

I scanned the hole with my Pro-Pointer, and that’s when I saw it next to the plug! A silver-colored coin, small, like a dime. That’s what it…

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One more silver coin

The Dirt Is Good To Me

Me and my XP Deus metal detector were graciously invited by Stevouke to hunt an old horse-show farm. After waiting at home for some furniture to be delivered, I headed out to meet Steve and a couple of new detectors in the Wichita area.

The site was interesting and the company was good. At the end, I managed to eyeball a 1955 wheat cent that was laying on top of the ground and dig up a 1947 Roosevelt dime that was barely two inches deep.


The neatest finds of the day were found by one of the other hunters with his Ace 250. Two things I really want to point out here. First, the Ace 250 may be thought of as a beginner’s detector but it is nothing of the sort. I believe it to be one of the best detectors ever made, let alone at the price it sells…

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Wanna Beginning On Collecting Coins? A Worthwhile And Educational Hobby


There are many reasons howcome one collects coins. There exists collectors who collect on the basis regarding the coin’s future perceived value, some collect coins coming from just one specific period, some on metal kind and some for a coins historical value. There exists also the people who like collecting everyday common coins, gaining pleasure from inspecting mint marks and dates on their everyday change. Others hold a collection of coins coming from different countries. Some coin collectors provide thousands on rare gold and silver coins from the period regarding the 1800’s until the early 1900’s.

The hobby of coin collecting can release pleasure and good to an lone of any age. Many coin collectors began their collection when they were young children, collecting dimes or pennies and many of them have created coin collection a lifetime hobby. The hobby of collecting coins involves spending cash from the very begin…

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His Image – The Coin

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Foundation Rebuilders

In an argument, you hear both sides; a judge listens to both the defense and prosecution. Similarly, both sides of a coin don’t have the same image. But the coin is invalid or worthless of you don’t have 2 different images.

In the Bible, we see different sides of God that helps us understand Who He is better . In these following issues, do you tend to lean heavily on one side or the other?

Faith — Works
Truth — Grace
Heaven — Hell
Judgement — Mercy
Wrath — Forgiveness
Anger — Love

Know that God’s image is in both. He is the perfect balance of both sides of the coin. View God for Who He is, not what you want Him to be. The perfect balance is seen in the Word of God.

To have the right view of God and all of life’s issues, read it from cover to cover! Know the full…

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Boy or girl? Coin or no coin?

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The Westminster Collection

This week’s royal baby news has sparked great excitement as the perfect finale to an incredible year. But should the third in line to the British throne have a UK coin issued in his or her honour?

From jubilees and coronations to landmark birthdays and wedding anniversaries, The Royal Mint has a marked the most important moments in the history of our Royal Family with new UK coins.  Well most of the time that is …

Never before has a UK coin been issued to celebrate a royal birth.  But should the Royal Mint change tradition next summer?  Tell us what you think.

Celebrate the royal baby news with a selection of Royal Baby Commemoratives

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1986-S Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar

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1986-S-Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

These words from the “The New Colossus,” written in 1883 appears on the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal and represents America’s commitment to provide a gateway to freedom and life free from oppression. Lady Liberty is seen as a torch bearer for compassion and justice for all those who seek a better life.

In 1986, the Statue of Liberty celebrated her 100th birthday and to commemorate her Centennial the U.S. Mint issued a beautiful Silver dollar. Designed by Mint artist John Mercanti, the Statue of Liberty silver dollar has on one side the Statue of Liberty in a classic pose with the Ellis Island Immigration Center behind her, and on the reverse her torch with the quote above. This stunning silver dollar proof honors America’s rich heritage as a nation of immigrants through showing the beacon of hope…

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Coin Collecting- Points For Beginners

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Are you interested in pursuing the hobby of coin collecting? If so, then you can be not the only one. There exists many reasons as to howcome coin collecting is such a well-known hobby and one is due to the fact that it is not a very easy task. So, whether you wish to make that you own collection of coins like a hobby or whether you wish to do so sequential to reap profits at a later date, there exists many factors that you should hold in mind. Research is the foremost factor that you should take into consideration while coin collecting. There is no end to no.

of studies you can do and you can not ever do enough research. The greatest successful collectors of coins within the earth are the people who took the time out to studies and explore the entire arena of coin collection. The…

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Sunday Stills: Luck

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Thoughts From The Road

I have only one thing that I believe brings me luck…My 2000 Liberty Silver Dollar that I keep in my wallet. I started carrying it after 9/11.
IMG_1745IMG_1746<img src="" alt="IMG_1746" width="450" height="400" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-6791"

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Acts 25 — Photo Illustrations — Coins of the Rulers

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Ferrell's Travel Blog

We continue our look at the three chapters describing Paul’s stay at Caesarea Maritima — Acts 24-26. Three civil rulers are mentioned in these chapters. They are known not only from Luke’s account, but in the writings of Josephus.

Rapske says that Caesarea “was the administrative seat of the Roman procurators of Palestine.” He adds that in the time of the Flavians it became a Roman Colony (The Book of Acts in its First Century Setting; Vol. 3, The Book of Acts and Paul in Roman Custody, 155).

After the Romans occupied “Palestine” the Jews had both a religious and a secular tax to pay. The procurators (prefects) were responsible for collecting the taxes for Rome. Coins were minted by various procurators, including Felix and Festus. I have chosen one example from each to show the type of coin current in their time.

Antonius Felix — A.D…

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Balkan Celts

UD – Nov. 2015






‘…the Gauls on the Danube who are called Bastarnae, an equestrian host and warlike’.

(Plut. Aem. 9.6)





The Peucini were the southern branch of the Bastarnae tribal confederation, initially settled in the Lower Danube region, specifically around the island of Peuce, from which they took their name – while those who took possession of Peuce, the island in the Ister, are called Peucini’ (Strabo Vii, 3,17).

 From the end of the 3rd/beginning of the 2nd c. BC (coinciding chronologically with the collapse of the Celtic Tyle state in eastern Thrace) the Peucini began to expand southwards into sub-Danubian Thrace, where they are referred to variously as ‘Galatians’, ‘Bastarnae’ or ‘Gauls’. In 179 BC they first appear in historical sources as allies of the Scordisci and the Macedonian king Philip V, who…

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Commemorative bills: Universities

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Joel Reyes Noche

(Originally posted at on January 22, 2012 4:35 AM)

There have been four recent overprintings on Philippine banknotes that involve anniversaries of universities:  three on the 100-peso bill (University of the Philippines Centennial, U.P. College of Law Centennnial, and Ateneo Law School 75th anniversary) and one on the 200-peso bill (University of Santo Tomas Quadricentennial).  I do not know why De La Salle University, which celebrated its centennial last year, does not have a commemorative bill.

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