Idea Log #5 – Gatecrash is Coming!

Commander Shenanagins

Welcome back from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, I hope that it was enjoyable.

Now, on to the important stuff. Gatecrash previews have started. I know that everyone is probably drooling over Gideon 2.0, or perhaps trying to break the newest three-mana Planeswalker, but I’m looking forward to re-vamping one of my oldest Commander decks for the new age of Ravnica… Experiment Kraj. I played Kraj online last night and most people expect a combo deck of some type… but that’s not how I play Kraj. I play Kraj much like I play Ghave, Guru of Spores. I like creatures, I like to make copies of creatures, and I like to put tokens on creatures. Kraj facilitates that very nicely with some of the interactions he can get into, but let’s look a little closer at one of those statements…

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Contest Time! Tweet me a Magic Card, Win Magic Cards

The Feminine Miss Geek

So I went to a gaming gathering a year ago and got, like, five packs of Magic: The Gathering cards that I never opened learned I have a terrible memory. See below.


  • 1 unopened pack Chandra Nalaar 30 cards red Planeswalkers
  • 1 unopened pack Jace Beleren 30 cards blue Planeswalkers
  • 1 Pink suede dice pouch
  • 1 d20
  • Probably some other random crap I have laying around
  • Candy

You want them? Cool! Let’s have a contest!

Head on over to The False Blue Magic Card Maker and make me a card. Tweet that card with the tag #FMGMTG, or leave it in the comments here. I’ll pick a winner and mail you these packs. Make it funny, make it feminist, use your own awesome art, or just pander to my obsessions with Mass Effect and Doctor Who.

Contest ends on Christmas Day, winner will be announced some time after…

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The Evolving World of Jund in Modern Magic

EoT Brainstorm

Savage Lands

GP Toronto is over and Jund still reigns supreme. A lot of people have complained about Jund being the format’s dominant deck, Brian Kibler in particular hated that it was just a collection of good cards rather than a linear strategy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun and there can’t be innovation. Lets take a look at how Jund has evolved over the last few events.

GP Lyon at the start of November was won by Jeremy Dezani piloting a “classic” Jund list. We can look at this list as the baseline Jund strategy.

Jeremy Dezani
2012 Grand Prix Lyon – 11/3

Main Deck:
Bloodbraid Elf
Dark Confidant
Deathrite Shaman
Liliana of the Veil

Abrupt Decay
Inquisition of Kozilek
Lightning Bolt
Maelstrom Pulse

Blackcleave Cliffs
Blood Crypt

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T2 Tech: Predator Ooze

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Rambling Inanely


Predator Ooze isn’t the best creature in Standard right now. However, it’s underplayed given that the format seems to be dominated by aggressive decks. An indestructible creature for GGG seems reasonable. Aggressive Green decks are already running Arbor Elf, so it can be cast with relative consistency on turn two. But when you consider the fact that it grows each time it attacks or kills a creature, it gets even better. Adding in Rancor, which is also already present in most Green-based aggressive builds, makes the card even better than that. While being good in a vacuum and with a little support doesn’t mean it should be played in standard, being good against most of the decks in standard does.

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Shuffle Magic – Shuffle Quotient

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For the 3 of you who read my original article on Shuffle Magic, you may be interested to hear an optional amendment to the rules. The intention of this alteration is to balance the game – as fun as the completely random nature of the original is, it would seem a tad unfair if your opponent dropped a Progenitus Turn 1, then followed up with Double Cleave turn 2 whilst you had dribbled out a couple of Islands.

The idea is that you have a number which keeps track of how much mana your shuffle cards would have cost in total so far. The rule is simple – you do not get a shuffle card if your number is greater than your opponent’s. We’ll call this number the ‘shuffle quotient’. I’m sure if this was an official variant this number would be called ‘guile’ or something, but I can afford no such elegance.



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The Underlying Cards of Standard

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When you take a look at a tournament-winning deck list, there are often cards that you just skip over and accept as a normal part of the deck; maybe it’s just some kind of removal, or perhaps it’s just a regular control-esque card. However, if you start to look at a lot of deck lists, you’ll notice that some of the same cards keep showing up; sometimes these cards show up in the sideboard or as singletons in the main, but they’re there. These cards are what I like to call the “underlyers”; and underlyer is card that has (or potentially can have) a large impact on the environment without really showing it. This means that the card isn’t particularly flashy, but it’s there, and it shapes how you play. To get my point across, it would probably be best to just show you.

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Take that, lamewads!

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Badge Floozy

Okay, so perhaps the title of this post is a little aggressive, but it’s about getting some of the M:tG Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 could this name be any longer to type online badges, which meant *gasp* having to play with other people, something that I’ve worked very hard to avoid ever since I quit playing WoW because of all the idiots, um,  jackasses, er… delightful younger players who were considerate and fun to play with sexist dickheads who probably hadn’t made it all the way through puberty yet.

Anyhow, I figured, hey, may as well knock out some online badges, because they’re pretty easy, and then I would have fuel for another blog, which I’m sure that you’ve been waiting to read.  I opted for a two-headed giant game, which is where there are two people to a team, and they each play their hands at…

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Magic the Gathering: The Izzet Suckerpunch

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Screen-Shaped Eyes

Right now in standard, the metagame is still trying to figure itself out. While Bant Control, Jund Zombies and Rakdos Aggro seem to be the main contenders, with White Green Junk or Tokens coming in not far behind. There’s plenty of midrange in the mix, and the Geist of Saint Traft still casts a long shadow. It’s a tough scene, I’ll be the first to admit. My original plan was to use Champion of Lambolt and human tokens to scoot to early victories…but the lack of hexproof or shroud-granting enchantments meant that the Champion simply ended up being a bullet magnet for everything from Selesnya Charm to Pillar of Flame.With the lack of protection for the main card in my deck, I had to go back to the drawing board.

The crux of the problem seemed to be ease of access to effective removal…and lots of it. I banged…

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