Commemorative stamp and medal – Palace of the Republic

The GDR Objectified

The completion of the Palace of the Republic in April 1976 marked the end of the largest prestige project in GDR history. The building costs were officially 485 million East Marks, though internal figures presented to the Minister of Construction increased the sum to 800 million. Other sources have put the total price tag closer to 1 billion Marks. Regardless of this, the money spent was considerable for a country the size of the GDR and the project had significant impact on the country’s finances. Its prioritization also created significant resentment in the “provinces” as many resources (incl. materials and construction crews) were redirected to the capital to ensure this job was completed on time.

For the Party, however, there was a feeling of a job well done. To mark the opening of the Palace, the GDR Post issued a stamp featuring the image of the finished Palace and a…

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12 Days of Medals

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In 2012, I earned 12 medals from running races.  I got medals in all distances, from the 5K to the Marathon.  Since I’m still fairly new to this blog-sphere, I thought it would be fun to recap my 2012 via my race medals.  So I present to you: The 12 Days of Medals!

Also, I’ll just warn you up front that most of the photos will be phone shots… because I carry my phone when I run but not a camera.

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A Brief Summary of the Claims Made Against Otto Pelczar

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Otto Pelczar

In September 2010, the website Australian & New Zealand Military Imposters (ANZMI) published a page about Otto Pelczar. They had taken a photograph from the website for the Centre for Military and Veterans Health, in which Otto was wearing the following medals:

They had attacked Otto’s wearing of the so-called “tin” Commemorative medal on the far right, stating that it was against protocol. In a cruel and hyperbolic manner, they added that Otto had thus made “a fool of himself and of [the RSL] establishment,” and calling him “an RSL wannabe.”

On a related forum, one respondee named G.Blair stated:

“Hang on Keith, I don’t think that’s fair to call this person ” an RSL wannabe “.

You can say he has made a fool of himself, or that he should know better etc. but you ‘ should not ‘ call him a wannabe if he is a genuine Naval Reserve…

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Sweden Masonic King Oscar Association (Oskars Förbundet) Medal Cliché


Sweden Masonic King Oscar Association (Oskars Förbundet) Medal Cliché
I have recently acquired a Medal Cliché (single-sided stamed metal) that belonged to the King Oscar Association (Oskars Förbundet) formed in 1861, one of a handful of Swedish Masonic organizations. Sweden embraced Masonic rights several centuries ago. They then created their own ‘hybrid’ Masonic Associations, using the same rites, symbols, regalia, etc., with a special Swedish ‘flair’. The engraver name is  not present. The composition appeared to be some type of silver-plate metal. The dimension is 81 mm x 58 mm and the width is 2 mm. The weight is 14 grams. A really fine piece for collection.

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