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This incredible chrome and red beast looks Christmassy enough to get posted on The Lego Car Blog this month. Ah, who are we kidding, it could have been pink and we’d still have featured it! The Elves uncovered this astonishingly beautiful Mercedes-Benz 540K Special on MOCpages. Built by the infamous Sariel, it’s fully remote control underneath that gorgeous bodywork and even has working lights. Check out the full gallery and video complete with cheesy lift-music by clicking the link above.

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Star Wars: Desert Skiff (#9496) by Lego

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FigureFan Zero

I’ve been hankering to build a new Lego set for a while now and while I tell myself I went down to the Wally World to get some provisions for the week, it was really to scope out the Lego aisle and see if I could get into any trouble. Normally, getting Lego sets this time of year can be slim pickings, but they had all the new Hobbit sets and some other odds and ends. The Lord of the Rings “Mines of Moiria” set was really tempting, but I really didn’t want to drop a lot of money, as besides the usual Holiday spending, I have a number of pre-orders scheduled to hit my bank account any week now. In the end, I did something I swore I’d never do… I got a Star Wars Lego set. Star Wars was the only line with some good looking low-to-medium sized…

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Lego The Lone Ranger Preview Page Up, Set Info News!


If you visited Lego’s website recently, you would have noticed that they’ve got a new preview page up for a brand new theme: The Lone Ranger!


While we don’t really have any images of sets to be released from this new theme, we do know that there will be 6 sets coming our way come April 2013. The sets are:

  • 79106 Cavalry Builder Set
  • 79107 Comanche Camp
  • 79108 Stagecoach Escape
  • 79109 Colby City Showdown
  • 79110 Silver Mine Shootout
  • 79111 Constitution Train Chase

Of course, we’ll bring you the latest updates on these sets as soon as we know of them!

Credit(s): Brickset

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The 8th Passenger

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This hulking black freighter is one of the most important spaceships in cinema history. Probably the first spacecraft that wasn’t all sleek and light inside, the Nostromo was more like a seagoing cargo ship; dirty, lived in, and not all that palatable. And it contained something that would definitely put a dent in its resale value when, after answering a distress call, the unfortunate crew discovered that there was another life-form sharing their air…

Before the franchise descended into the whole Alien Vs Predator farce it was also one of the few stories where the sequel (Aliens) was as good as the original, something only matched by The Godfather.

Anyway, the MOC: This stunning recreation of the Nostromo is the work of Mihe Stonee on MOCpages. Containing over 9,000 pieces and at over 70cm long it features complete landing gear, engine detail, lifts and communication systems. View the full gallery…

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