A Whole Lot of Little Bricks – My life with LEGO

The Big Gap

Junch takes a trip down memory lane to his youthful days with LEGO.  And returns to discover how it has all changed today.  Basically, he just wants to tell a story about his wonderfully charmed past, and hopes you’d be interested enough to read on.

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Do you know Lego Jesus?

Thatthereengland - does Japan


Obvious sadomasochistic tendencies aside, Mel Gibson’s take on the Passion of Christ seemed to strike (sorry for the poor pun) a chord with Christians around the world who flocked (sorry again) to the cinema to see Hollywood’s latest take on the last days of our saviour.

The stories from the Bible have been told and re-interpreted numerous times in films, books, plays, comics and sometimes even through jokes. OK, rarely through the medium of jokes.

However, it does give me a chance to use a really lame church joke:

I passed my local church on the way to work this morning and saw that the topic for the early sermon was “How Jesus walked on water”. When I passed by on the way back from work I saw that the topic of the evening’s sermon was “Searching or Jesus”.

Ahem, right, what we’re here to talk about is Brendan Powell…

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Review: Shell Lego Ferrari collection

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I’m not a car fan, but I grew up with Lego. And I love Lego. I still remember how my brother and I spent countless hours building Lego models to specification – and when we grew bored, we would tear them down and build custom sets of our own. That’s the thing I love about Legos: it develops both your ability to build according to instructions as well as your imagination.

So when late this year Shell came out with an exclusive Ferrari collection, I knew I had to have it. It’s been years (decades!) since I last played with those brightly-colored blocks, but the excitement was there, no matter how deeply buried it was underneath the motherly excuse of “I’m buying them for my daughter.” Note that she’s about three years old, so she’s of Duplo (that’s Lego for toddlers) age, so yes I was kidding myself.

Shell, as…

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Ninjago returns in 2014

Yoda Archives, Macro adventures of a Jedi Master

News from LEGO about Ninjago

Is Ninjago really ending?

Actually, we have more Ninjago sets planned for next year and 2014! Stay tuned to our website, catalog, and club magazine for more information in the future!

I heard that the Ninjago cartoon is ending and there won’t be any more episodes. Is that true?

We have plans for Ninjago in 2013. We can’t tell you about them just yet.

Is Chima replacing Ninjago?

Even though we have new Chima sets coming next year, we also have new Ninjago sets too! Chima is a brand new theme, not a replacement for Ninjago. You’ll be able to get more information about Chima and Ninjago after the New Year!


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Lego Lord of the Rings (Traveler’s Tales finally makes a bad Lego game)

Late Night Comic


It was bound to happen eventually, I mean no company can release great games over and over without eventually turning out a steaming pile of whatever the hell this is. I’m not going to mention that, after all this time, I still managed to buy a new copy of the game that was mislabeled as a demo disc, mostly because as long as the full game is there I don’t really care what it says on the label. What I will say is that this game is a disappointment on an epic scale, and that’s really saying something considering I’ve played almost every single Lego game from Traveler’s Tales and loved every single one of them. Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about this one, which double sucks because I love Lord of the Rings.

Let’s start with the graphics, well not so much the graphics but the shadowing…

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Master of Lego Recreator: The Art of the Brick

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Lonely Travelog


Lego bricks, a toy familiar to children and the young at heart brings me back to my childhood nostalgia. The story behind “Lego”, from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well”, appeals to both kids and adults. I bet you’re never too old for Lego! Lego has move out of the playroom and into the world of arts. I believe Lego is what it is, and you don’t have to re-invent it, but you can make something cool out of it. For the first time in Southeast Asia, the Art of the Brick will treat visitors to stunning displays of intricate sculptures made from Lego bricks, now till 14 April 2013 at Singapore ArtScience Museum.

Nathan Sawaya is a New Yorker artist who creates awe-inspiring works out of some of the most unlikely things. Like any other child, Nathan’s childhood dreams were always fun. As Nathan…

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The Bible in Legos, what could go wrong?

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The bible as illustrated by Lego’s. It sound like a great way to get your kids into the bible, or to give life to what you have read in a unique way. It is those things, but I also have some words of caution.  First let’s start with the positive.


The first I heard about the bible in Lego form, or The Brick Testament was via, Andy on Army4one and the neat image above. Instantly I dove in. Instantly it was obvious that the images had a humorous slant, and that it would be a great way to assist young readers in identifying biblical characters, as well  events. The author seems to agree as he has books available now. Lego’s are a wonderful creative toy for children, and something that hangs with us into adulthood due to it’s potential complexities.  A recent home made Lego Bat Cave made the…

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Me and my Lego Star Destroyer

If you ever consider collecting Lego just check how easy it can be at http://www.collecty.net


sd13The whole concept of gift-giving around Christmas seems to get tougher with each passing year. It’s not that I have trouble figuring out what to get friends and family – that’s usually pretty easy – it’s the reverse that’s always a challenge. I’ve been pretty lucky in life, so I have most of the things I want or need. The few things I do desire are usually so expensive or frivolous that I have no business in asking anyone to get them for me.

Case in point: the Star Wars Lego Super Star Destroyer. Here’s a $500 toy that no sane adult really should be playing with, much less coveting. Yet, if you’ve followed me on Twitter at all this year, you probably know that Star Wars Lego is something of an obsession for me (original trilogy only, none of that Jar Jar-era or Clone Wars crap for me).

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