If you ever consider collecting knives just check how easy it can be at

Talos Elite

I’ve got a bit of a collection going on. It’s not in a glass case or display cabinet; a series of precious items still in their original wrapping, unmolested by worldly use. My collection is proudly functional. As EDC blades SHOULD be. Each has been carried, used, worn and scratched – therefore, I figure I know a thing or two about my collection of tools.

I’m not a knife expert and I won’t go into minute detail about each knife in this review, but I’ll tell you what I like, what I don’t like and what works for me. Take what you want from that, but take it as the opinion of a user, not an expert.

The six knives I have here are;

  • CRKT M16 – 13LE
  • Spyderco Tenacious
  • Meyerco Lightfoot Catch Dog
  • SOG Flash I
  • DPX H.E.S.T. 2.0
  • Ontario RAT-1

So, let’s have a look at them in…

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A Guide To What Knives To Use

If you ever consider collecting knives just check how easy it can be at

Lesley Voth

If you like cooking like I do, a good set of knives is essential. It is not until you make that investment you realize how great knives  save a lot of frustration like when you were cutting and chopping with that blunt old faithful that you have had in the draw for years.

When this was sent to me I thought it was worth passing on to you.

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Knifewear Edmonton

If you ever consider collecting knives just check how easy it can be at

let's om nom

Note: If you’re following these posts in chronological order, I need to interrupt my LA eats for this because it’s far more interesting.

After my first culinary skills course, I realized what poor knife skills I had. I shouldn’t say poor, I could do the job… let’s say inefficient. My mother taught me the “straight up and down” motion of cutting, chopping, slicing with the two carving knives we have, and the “hacking” motion with a Chinese-style cleaver. You read that right: I have a total of three kitchen knives in my household. After the course, I realized how much faster things would be if I owned a chef’s knife! And eventually I’ll need my own knife won’t I? Might as well start looking.

Looking for a knife was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Chef St. Laurent had recommended I get an 6″ or…

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