30 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films for 2013 (part 1)

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As I mentioned previously, 2013 is chock full of sci-fi and fantasy movies. Many of last year’s trends are continuing, including fairy tale retelling or reinventions, vampires and supernatural romance, those ubiquitous super-hero movies, and even a new category in the mix: the scorched Earth movie. There are many many 2013 movie lists that you can also Google your way to, but check out this one at Ranting Dragon or this super-thorough one at Dark Horizons.

Scorched Earth movies

Let’s start with films that ponder what we dared not imagine during the recent Mayan End of Days. Typically, Hollywood pits two movies against each other over the same story theme, but this time there are at least three movies to revisit planet Earth after humanity’s long absence. Oblivion (releasing 19 April 2013) takes place 60 years after humanity was attacked by aliens and fled the planet. All that remains…

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The Greatest Trilogies of All Time

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In honor of probably the most unnecessary trilogy ever attempted (The Hobbit Trilogy), I give you the list of the 5 best trilogies of all time. It’s not an easy task to put together three movies with a connected story and with a similar level of quality. Most trilogies have one or maybe two good entries but it is rare to find one that can continue to captivate an audience for three straight movies. Each trilogy has its lows and its highs but the five that I have come up with represent the best of their unique group. These trilogies not only kept audiences interested but where able to create a strong world and strong characters that were able to last for three straight films. So if you’re bored on a Saturday looking for something to do, I have 5 trilogies that are worth a midday movie marathon.

Honorable Mention:…

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Future Flicks: Guillermo del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM update!


I think Guillermo del Toro is about to crush the Transformers franchise with a single Pacific Rim blow!

Pacific Rim 2013 Poster

The fact is, Pacific Rim touches on all popular elements of a fantastic science fiction in the near future which includes sleek but robust militarized technology armor suits, giant manned battle robots as tanks and a fight for humanity in a war against gargantuan beasts unleashed from the sea as it appears from the trailer. And from the trailer, I would have to say Pacific Rim is much more layered than a Transformer flick and promises to give us the equivalent of what Star Wars gave to audiences in 1980s – a jaw dropping awe. Watch out George Lucas!

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