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Just one for a dark, chilly, rainy Wednesday night. This is Phoenix by doll artist Helen Kish. He’s the boy in her series of jointed 14-inch-tall “tween” dolls, proportioned like kids around 12 years old, like Raven in last Wednesday’s post.  He has a brown mohair wig, painted face with blue eyes, and a fully jointed body. The leather cap he’s wearing is part of his original outfit. My Phoenix has some slight modifications–I added a bit of color to his eyes and gave him some very light freckles over his nose.


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The making of GIR


I try my best to keep my work as original as possible, but sometimes you get a burning whim to build a character from a favourite game or tv show. Last may I started doodling plans for a robot doll based on GIR from the infamous Invader Zim.

Here’s the making of a ball jointed, porcelain GIR complete with his doggie disguise.

I did some research into Invader Zim toys and merch. I found that before nickelodeon cancelled the show and before the toy company producing its toys went bust, they made the Mega GIR. The Mega GIR was a GIR statuette with no points of articulation (you could remove his head though) and came with a removable dog suit.

I wanted to try make something a little better than the Mega GIR.


The initial plans came complete with his green doggie disguise and twelve points of articulation.


I drew…

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Pissed Off That They’re Lost

If you ever consider collecting dolls just check how easy it can be at

Typical Tracy

Life is filled with items that come in, and then sadly, out of our lives. I’m not talking about loved ones or pets, but items that were a cherished part of our lives that somehow got misplaced, broken, or simply thrown away. They may not have been all that important an item, but dammit, I’m really pissed that they are gone.


Growing Up Skipper
My sister Judy was the Barbie girl in the family. She had all varieties of dolls, the camper, various carrying cases and accessories. But back in 1975, I was given a Growing Up Skipper doll…maybe for my birthday or Christmas – I can’t recall. In any case, this doll was a hoot.

The special feature Skipper possessed was when you turned her arm she grew taller, and grew boobs. Yes, her rubber chest would sprout two tiny little pre-teen boobies – very racy for the day…

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Dolly Dolly Magazine

If you ever consider collecting dolls just check how easy it can be at

Tiny Shop of Rarities

Japan has some superb magazines for doll collectors. Dolly Dolly is around 150 pages an issue, around 120 pages of photos and the rest are patterns, crafts and makes.

They cover all kinds of modern dolls, from Jenny, Barbie and Licca-chan to Momoko and Fashion Royalty, from Blythe to Volks. The photos are stunning and even though the text is all in Japanese, there’s plenty of interest for doll lovers everywhere.

Currently Hobbylink Japan is listing these issues at over $24 (exchange rates are really working against the dollar just now.) with shipping from Japan at 560 grams plus packaging on top.

I have issues 14 and 15, and may have issue 13 if it doesn’t sell on eBay. More will be listed as I sort out my cupboards. £10 each plus £2.25 recorded delivery second class postage.

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If you ever consider collecting dolls just check how easy it can be at

Hobby Dream.

Hasbro: Strawberry Shortcake 30th Anniversary Box


Orange Blossom, Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Tart remade vintage style for this special anniversary box.


They don’t look exactly like the old ones, slightly beautified! The old ones look a little scary actually. But, I still like them better than the new generation Strawberry Shortcake which is too pretty and typical.


Well no one can really put off this hairstyle and color better than her!

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