DIY dollhouses : cardboard townhouses, a dollhouse on wheels and a rooftop garden

Happy Monday! At Le Chemin ABA, we are in the process of creating a sweet dollhouse out of a mini shelving unit. It has an added bonus of being inside a little cupboard that the kids can open. Ther…

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Baby Dolls

Katie Kinsman

I did a little sorting and rearranging of some of my artwork I have for sale. I went through the small Model Magic dolls to see what I had left, and to decide whether or not I wanted to chuck them, or keeping them and attempting to sell them. I had quite a few little humanoid baby dolls left over and wondered why they hadn’t sold.

PurpleOneEyeFrontGreen:Red Family Shot 1

I decided to restring them, because I felt the moving joints for the arms and legs were a little wibbly-wobbly. I had originally used DMC embroidery floss and tiny buttons to attach the moveable limbs. The climate here is very dry, and I noticed that as the Model Magic clay continued to dry it shrank just enough to make the arms and legs not as tight as they had been originally. This could be a reason why they weren’t selling. They looked flimsy and…

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Lottie: She may be new, but is she improved?


A good friend posted this article to my Facebook timeline the other day, asking what I thought of it:

“New doll made with body image in mind”, Toronto Star, December 12, 2012

According to the article, Arklu, the company that makes ‘Lottie dolls’ “worked with two academics to work out the exact proportions of an average healthy 9-year-old. The scaled-down dolls don’t have breasts or super skinny waists, although their heads and eyes are enlarged.”

I had skimmed the article when I first came across it and remember thinking “Meh…cute dolls, nice concept, good price, but it’s been done,” but being asked specifically for an opinion compelled me to look a little deeper and I wound up tossing and turning all night thinking about my response, which was this:

As options for young girls go, I don’t hate them. I don’t think they will do any harm (or any more harm…

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Matchy Matchy

how i became my mother

I have a confession to make… I have an insane doll collection.  I haven’t added to it in years but I can’t seem to part with any of the dolls.  I’ve thought about selling them but in the end I just couldn’t do it.  It all began at my birth and my first baby doll, Victoria.  My Grandma S. was a lover of all things Madame Alexander and so not just any baby doll would do for me.  Victoria was the first in a long line of Madame Alexander dolls and other dolls that I would collect through the years.  Christmas time marks the return of one of my favorite Madame dolls, my tree angel.  Not your typical white angel, my angel is dressed in shades of burgundy, rose and gold and I spent years collecting ornaments and ribbons that would perfectly compliment her on our Christmas tree.  But then…

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Trash Hacker: Fabric Scraps into Tiny Dolls

If you ever consider collecting dolls just check how easy it can be at

Trash Backwards Blog

by Rebecca Rockefeller

Looking for a hand-made gift or winter break craft activity? Rustle up some fabric scraps and other readily available materials and make a group of tiny friends for a dollhouse in your neighborhood. These have been a huge hit with my own kids, filling many rainy afternoons with happy imaginative hours. If you happen to need a dollhouse to go with your dolls, give this one made from old 3-ring binders a look at Southern Disposition or check our web app for even more dolls’ houses and furniture made from reused materials.

Many of the materials needed for these dolls are plastic-free and available without plastic packaging. OK, so the hot glue sticks are heavy on the plastic, but these are toys less plastic, not “plastic-free toys.” If you sew their outfits into place you’ll bring the plastic factor way down. Either way, you’ll finish with flexible…

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