Collecting Toys or Disneyana

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Disneyana is a term for a variety of exclusive toys, books, animated cells, theme-park gifts, ephemera and other items designed by The Wally Disney Company. Cases range from items presenting virtually every Disney character such as Mickey Mouse, Clutter Gong and others to classic stock accreditations and company checks bearing the trademark of Wally Disney. The Art Corner was a store that operated at Disney land from 1955 until 1966 which sold gifts and Disneyana items. High end exclusive works of art, printing and options can now be found at The Disney Collection and “Art of Disney Parks” stores. The rankings of Disneyana lovers grew significantly throughout the Nineteen-eighties and 1990’s. Today lovers can find Disneyana items for sale through a variety of websites, at local and international comedian shows and other fanatic actions.The Formal Disneyana Meeting and Disney D23 Expo are types of actions designed by the Disney Company…

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