2012 Mars Rover Curiosity

The Race Case

When I went to Target the other day, the pegs were almost entirely covered with 2013 cars. So I was pretty surprised to finally find my Mars Rover, which I had mostly given up on. I scanned through the rest of the 2012s, hoping to find the elusive Mystery Machine as well, but I was pushing my luck there.

I recently read in the newspaper that the Curiosity had logged less than a mile on the Martian surface since it landed in August. This is a little surprising when you realize it travelled 350,000,000 miles through space to get there! But soon, Curiosity will get moving and set off on an expected 9-month journey across the Gale Crater to Mount Sharp. Here is a link to a previous post of my other NASA vehicles and other items.

IMG_0205IMG_0204Hot Wheels | 2012 New Models | Mars Rover Curiosity | white with gold…

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Rock Buster and Bronco 4-Wheeler

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The Race Case

One Saturday every month, my son and I go for a haircut. The best thing about this is that it always leads to a trip to the thrift store on the opposite corner of the same block. This past Saturday, my son came away from the thrift store with some Club Penguin books and I scored a bag of Hot Wheels. As usual, I really only wanted a couple of cars in the bag and my son got the rest.

The Rock Buster was first introduced into the Hot Wheels lineup in 1976. This well-worn green version is from 1980.

IMG_8533IMG_85341980 | 9088 | Rock Buster | green with white, red & blue trim | HK | blackwalls

The Bronco 4-Wheeler was introduced in 1981 and has enjoyed quite a few reincarnations over the years. The plastic motorcycle on the back is a nice touch. This metallic blue version with…

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’66 Nova and ’61 Impala

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The Race Case

The Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Nova is one of my all-time favorite cars and was first released as a Hot Wheels model in 2007. There have been about 20 variations of it since. This lime green version, which I found at Walmart the other day, was one of 3 different colors issued for the Muscle Mania – GM series in 2012.

IMG_8537IMG_85362012 Muscle Mania – GM ‘12 | ’66 Chevy Nova | lime green with black, white and green trim | chrome rim black PR5

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Brave Gohkin Aestivalis Akito & Amano Custom 1/72

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We Love Mecha

This pair of beauties come from the fantastic anime series MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO (seriously, if you’ve not seen it, go grab a copy, it is superb).  A pair of Aestivalis mechas, one belonging to Akito (the hero of the show) and the other to Amano.  Both sport the energy knives and lances.  These are die-cast models with limited articulation but superb detailing.  We now have four of these top models…just 3 more to go to own the set!

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Model produced by: Paul’s Model Art (Minichamps)

Year: 2012
Driver: Sebastian Vettel (Germany)
Team: Red Bull Racing Renault
Car: Red Bull RB8 (Abbey)*
Results: 5 wins, 10 podiums, 6 poles, 6 fastest laps

After two year of racing in World Rally Championship Kimi Räikkonen returned to F1 with Lotus. Therefore season featured a record 6 world champions on the grid. Michael Schumacher (Mercedes), Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), Kimi Räikkonen (Lotus), Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), Jenson Button (McLaren) and reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull).

McLaren started the season with the best car while Ferrari were struggling. Over the winter Pirelli changed the tyre compounds which proved to be a major factor in the first half of the season, since teams found it hard to deal with new tyres. This is one of the reasons we saw record 7 different winners in the first 7 races: Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg…

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