Art Review, Willow : Wonderland #3


Here is the review about the latest issue’s art.
Like in the previous issue, the art is consistent. Willow always looks like Willow, so do the other characters. Of course no similarity to the actress, but I am getting used to seeing Willow like that. And since she doesn’t look like a pre-teen and she is always recognizable, I don’t mind. There are some panels I really loved. And also the strange creatures from that strange world.

So again the same rules. 3 panels per character, for worst and best ones. And of course, the best panel of the issue, plus the strange ones!
So, lets start, and click on the photos for a better look 🙂
And don’t forget to comment, thanks!

Willow’s best panels!

Aluwyn’s best panels!

Marrak’s best panels!

Witches’ best panels!

Creatures’ best panels!

Best panel!

Willow’s worst panels!

Aluwyn’s worst panels!

Marrak’s worst panels!


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Review: Teen Titans #15


I am torn by this new issue of Teen Titans. On the one hand, it’s an entertaining comic with a really good focus on the team leaving their comfort zone to go on a group mission, kind of like going on a field trip. On the other hand, it’s the worst Death of the Family tie-in yet. And it adds to my growing hatred of the Joker’s omnipotence. Apparently while plotting the attack on Batman and the Bat-family, the Joker took the time to research all of the Teen Titans and construct an elaborate trap for them, which the Titans trigger exactly how the Joker predicted! He even drew the diagram on a chalkboard.

So apparently people like Bunker and Wonder Girl factor into Joker’s big plan to get Batman, and the Clown Prince of Crime can accurately predict the actions and movements of Kid Flash. At least we…

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Review: Star Trek #16

I Got Issues...

Star Trek #16Title: Star Trek #16

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cost: $3.99

Storytellers:Mike Johnson (writer) and Stellar Labs (artist)

Continuing Mirrored, a tale set in the Reboot Star Trek’s Mirror Universe. Kirk, now armed with the stolen Narada, learns of future Spock’s pending arrival in this universe and plots his course for the wormhole. Kirk threatens Senator Pike and the Imperium, captures Spock and learns of the Red Matter. He plans to destroy Vulcan, freeing the Imperium from the alien scum. Kirk’s attempt to destroy Vulcan fails, as this realities Spock (who was saved by Uhura when the Enterprise was destroyed) teams with future Spock. In the end, Uhura ends up Captain of the Narada, Human/Vulcan relations are maintained and the two Spocks remain on Vulcan. The issue ends with Scotty and McCoy still discussing the possibilities of alternate realities, time travel and traveling to alternate realities, where McCoy wonders if there’s…

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Best of 2012: Top 5 Continuing Comics


5. Uncanny X-Force


This time last year everyone was heaping praises on the recently concluded ‘Dark Angel Saga.’ This year, much was expected of Rick Remender’s little X-book that could, and while its final story-arc ‘Final Execution’ didn’t quite reach the fantastic heights of DAS, it was still one of the best books on the stand. “X-Force” took a major blow in the art department this year with the loss of both Jerome Opeña and Dean White. However, the book still featured some incredible character work from Remender, and themes that have permeated the series from the beginning were payed off brilliantly. It’s a shame that the series had to end after only two years (with a whopping 35 issues mind you, along with two point one issues) but it was definitely a brilliant ride while it lasted.

4. Wonder Woman


This book started off the year with a bit…

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2012: the year pagelady got into Comics


Prior to 2012, I had only read a handful of comics.  I mean besides the ones in the newspaper on Sundays, which my siblings and I used to fight over, (and I have a video recording of one of my sisters bidding me farewell when I left for college saying she was glad I wouldn’t be around to “hog the comics” anymore.)  No, I’m talking about actual comic books.  And trade paperbacks, (a term that I learned to distinguish from “graphic novel” this year, in my evolution of becoming a comic book nerd.  A graphic novel is a book-like comic that was published as one whole.  A trade paperback is a book-like collection of weekly or monthly issues of comics from a particular storyline.  The term “graphic novel” is a little more general and is sometimes used to refer to trades, but my new-found comic-world sources say there’s a distinction…

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Preview – The Manhattan Projects #8

Graphic Policy

The Manhattan Projects #8

Story by: Jonathan Hickman Art By: Nick Pitarra & Jordie Bellaire
Price: $3.50

They have waited and watched in the dark and now the old money that runs nations is ready to make their move against the Manhattan Projects. It’s the secret leaders of the world like you’ve never seen them before.

The thrilling FEEL GOOD, BAD SCIENCE series continues in THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS #8: THEY RULE!


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Marvel Now CABLE AND THE X-FORCE #3 Preview

If you ever consider collecting comics just check how easy it can be at

Legend of Geek

What’s up with Colossus’ powers? Dennis Hopeless & Salvador Larroca have answers. Here’s a Legend of Geek -exclusive preview of Cable and the X-Force #3.

• Where has Colossus been to post-AVX and what is wrong with his powers?
• Why are Cable and his team attacking a civilian company?
• These mysteries and more are revealed!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

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