The value of action figures

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It is important to know the value of toys you buy. You will know what kinds of figures are more rewarding. You will get more profits than before. This collection can be full of enjoyment. It is also meaningful to have your own most favored  World of Warcraft figures . Your investment will pay you back in the end.

No matter what you decide to do with your figures, it is worth investing. You can sell them for higher expense as well as keep them as a hobby. The condition of the toys should be kept as good as what it is. The demand of keeping them is very high.

If you are just an investor, you are suggested to decide the condition of the action figures. Original accessories together with the toy are badly important. The grades of conditions should be remained as what they should be. The…

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Walking Dead Minimates: Exclusive

Ask Me About Zombies

The Walking Dead minimates are coming on pretty strong now. Wave 2 is out soon and will give us Michonne, Lori, Andrea, Amy, and Morgan. A surprise set also just came out and is exclusive to


The set contains Rick in his prison jumpsuit (sporting the bruises he got from his scuffle with Tyreese), a grimacing Michonne (her gritted teeth are the only difference from the Michonne we’re getting in series 2), and two fairly non-descript zombies (the box labels them “Zombie Roamer” and “Zombie Lurker”).


I like this Rick figure. The details on his beat-up face are really nicely done. I’m excited to get the characters representing their prison days. Andrea will be in her prison suit as well, and there have been hints that wave 3 will be prison-heavy.

Michonne, I like less. I love her character. I just hate this outfit. I know she appeared in…

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New Minimates From The Walking Dead!


Minimates Header

Christmas is coming up fast and you’re running out of options. The Walking Dead fan in your life already has everything including the latest trade paperback, Telltale Games’ award winning video game… even that crazy zombie-head box set. So, what’s left?

Well, it looks like Diamond Select Toys will release the second wave of their popular Minimates figures just in time for the holidays. As some of you may know, Series 2 was originally scheduled for November. But after a few delays, they’re finally ready to roll out later this month!

It’s okay, everyone — the Walking Dead outbreak has been isolated! All of the infected have been sealed inside airtight blister cards, leaving us safe to admire them from outside their plastic prisons. Unfortunately, there are survivors trapped in there with them!

Of course they wouldn’t be collectibles without a million stupid exclusives and special editions!…

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Project 3650: Items 310-340

Vivienne's Process of Elimination


James, our employee and friend, modeling a Mexican Wrestling Mask. Don’t ask. FREE. The mask, not James.

This is the part of the project I have been dreading. My kids have a really nice playroom but if there are too many toys in there, especially small action figures, they end up getting dumped on the floor and mixed in with the Legos. This says to me that they have too many toys, period.

In an attempt to restore sanity to this house, I culled through the toys, organized them into baggies and put them in a box. Which has been sitting in my office for months. It has been there so long it is practically furniture now but I know how much work getting rid of that stuff is. Lonny has assured me that many of the toys have value so I can’t just chuck them.

Today I busted into…

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Nonmom’s Picks for #Holiday2012 with #Hasbro Part Two

If you ever consider collecting action figures just check how easy it can be at

Non-Mom's Blog

Have you finished your shopping yet? How about the tree? Is it up? Mine isn’t…..eeeek! But I lost 4 days with the ‘cold that was totally unwelcome’ so I’m using that as my excuse. At least I’ve got MOST of the cards in the mail….I ran out of stamps…..I have to get more, dang!

But I digress. This post is all about toys for the little boy munchkins in your life and I know I have a few in my life so I’ve been checking into these pretty closely in trying to decide who gets what.

First on the list we have the Transformers. I should announce my bias here, I am a fan. I was when they first came out when I was a kid, I just think they’re cool. So, what does Hasbro have for the kids in this genre? Well, the Transformers Weaponizers figures. Check. Out. Bumblebee…

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Star Wars Ornaments Wish List

If you ever consider collecting Star Wars memorabilia just check how easy it can be at


star wars orns

One popular gift item for the holidays with fans are Star Wars ornaments. Though there are produced by different companies the best ones are those made by Hallmark. They were first produced by Hallmark in 1996 a few years after the success of the Hallmark’s other sci-fifalcon brand the Star Trek ornaments. The first beautifully detailed ship ornament was of the Millennium Falcon and in that same year, Hallmark produced a set of mini-ornaments which consisted of a TIE fighter, an X-wing fighter and an AT-AT.

Since then, the company has released several ornaments each year and there is no sign of slowing down. Many of these ornaments have become highly sought after in the secondary market like the original R2-D2, while others are duds that would be lucky to fetch a buck on eBay (examples of those include Emperor Palpatine and Princess Leia in her slave outfit).

The pattern…

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Review: NECA Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman

If you ever consider collecting action figures just check how easy it can be at

Planned Banter

Even though I haven’t bought much of their stuff lately, it’s been a spectacular year for NECA. The AlienPredatorTerminator, and Robocop licenses now all sit under one roof, with multiple pieces available from each property. Prometheus seems ready to get the same enthusiastic treatment. The Gremlins product is both varied and successful. I’ve no doubt that The Hunger Games license is already yielding some huge profit on top of looking pretty nice. Next year’s going to bring us the wave of figures from Predator I’ve always wanted, with both Dutch and a more articulated Jungle Hunter, but 2012 has also had some pretty exciting video game based figures. Between lines for Assassin’s Creed and Borderlands, NECA acquired the Valve license, releasing a pair of zombies from Left 4 Dead before Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman dropped into stores a few months ago. It’s been a…

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Today’s Arrival: Mattel WWE Deluxe Display Stands

If you ever consider collecting action figures just check how easy it can be at

Welcome to HDToyTheater

These are Mattel’s WWE Deluxe Display Stands. They are intended for WWE figures but honestly these can work with any figure series you decide to use them for.


There are 2 types of display stands at different heights and you get 2 of each. Each oval section has a WWE logo and small peg that you can connect at the bottom of the left boot of an action figure it fits.


You can stack them and create 3 different heights. Naturally, the more you buy of these the more crazy heights you can achieve.


I decided to try these out with my Batman figures (back 2 rows) and they make my collection easier to see.


These are available at and Go for about $20.

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Megahobby autumn 2012

If you ever consider collecting action figures just check how easy it can be at


Megahobby is over and gladly nothing new was announced that I really want so I guess this is a god send of some sort. The only things of real note were prototypes painted or not.

Last week I was talking about Alter’s Waver figure and this week we have Megahouse’s Waver to drool over. I’ll be straight I don’t like Alter’s version at all, to the point where I think it’s ugly however MH’s is everything I ever wanted in a Waver figure.

Thankith to the ninja photographers!! 

He may be in a boring/average pose but in my opinion it’s tone better than the moe and rather weak looking. Though that is a part of Waver’s character I’m a fan of his strong and determined side that placed loyalty towards Rider (oh dear god I’m getting those feels remembering Fate/Zero). Also you can clearly see his command seal which was a big thing for me…

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