How To Store Your Huge Collection Online

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One of the most time-consuming operations for every collector is to move your collection catalog to the online space. Especially it is hard to do for huge awesome collections we created for years.

Luckily, multiple web applications were created specifically for this type of tasks, we would like to show you how to load huge collection into online WEB space using

As a sample collection we are going to use 593 collectible cards released under Star Wars Galactic Files 2018 by Topps.

Simple registration step was skipped in this manual.

Step 1 – first obvious action is to create new collection object, you can do this right from your home page (as well as new single collectible or entire batch load).

Screenshot_6Step 2 – set up collection name, cover picture and description. Most important part is collection type, for our particular case you can choose either CCG/TCG Cards or…

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