What is Collectors market index

Collectors market index is a tool used by collectors and investors to track values of collectibles against collectors market from a specific date, calculated in form of Index. It measures the value of a section of the collectors market and computed from the prices of selected collectibles, typically aweighted average.

COLECTY © Market Indices methodology

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COLECTY © Market Indices were developed by Ian Kyrychenko for Colecty.com in form of Price-weighted indices to track changes in market values over long periods of time and were built based on position that collecting is actually investing. Collectors can track changes in the index’s value over time and use it as a benchmark against which to compare their own portfolio returns. Indices represent aggregated value produced by combining several market maker categories together and expressing their total values against a base value from a specific date.

Number of open and closed deals, average trade prices in different categories are gathered from various online US marketplaces for COLECTY © Market Indices calculation by proprietary methodology.

All COLECTY © Market Indices are calculated daily with 3-days latency period.