Review: Star Trek #16

I Got Issues...

Star Trek #16Title: Star Trek #16

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cost: $3.99

Storytellers:Mike Johnson (writer) and Stellar Labs (artist)

Continuing Mirrored, a tale set in the Reboot Star Trek’s Mirror Universe. Kirk, now armed with the stolen Narada, learns of future Spock’s pending arrival in this universe and plots his course for the wormhole. Kirk threatens Senator Pike and the Imperium, captures Spock and learns of the Red Matter. He plans to destroy Vulcan, freeing the Imperium from the alien scum. Kirk’s attempt to destroy Vulcan fails, as this realities Spock (who was saved by Uhura when the Enterprise was destroyed) teams with future Spock. In the end, Uhura ends up Captain of the Narada, Human/Vulcan relations are maintained and the two Spocks remain on Vulcan. The issue ends with Scotty and McCoy still discussing the possibilities of alternate realities, time travel and traveling to alternate realities, where McCoy wonders if there’s…

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