Art Review, Willow : Wonderland #3


Here is the review about the latest issue’s art.
Like in the previous issue, the art is consistent. Willow always looks like Willow, so do the other characters. Of course no similarity to the actress, but I am getting used to seeing Willow like that. And since she doesn’t look like a pre-teen and she is always recognizable, I don’t mind. There are some panels I really loved. And also the strange creatures from that strange world.

So again the same rules. 3 panels per character, for worst and best ones. And of course, the best panel of the issue, plus the strange ones!
So, lets start, and click on the photos for a better look 🙂
And don’t forget to comment, thanks!

Willow’s best panels!

Aluwyn’s best panels!

Marrak’s best panels!

Witches’ best panels!

Creatures’ best panels!

Best panel!

Willow’s worst panels!

Aluwyn’s worst panels!

Marrak’s worst panels!


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