Rancor: First Blood. Part one

Aaron Roshong, Blog


It has been awhile since I’ve put out any update, but I’m still building. I haven’t put anything on the finished shelf, but I have added considerably to the ‘crap I need to finish before I die’ pile. I’m planning on doing a better job of documenting my builds and personal work this year (we’ll see how that goes). I’ve been stalled on a bunch of projects and it is frustrating not getting anything accomplished, maybe posting about it will help keep them moving along.

Anyway… The Rancor. Hideously beautiful isn’t it? This kit has been on my wish list, but the high prices they bring on eBay ($50-100) kept the beast out of reach. It’s not a kit I ever expected to find at the flea market. But you never know what you’ll find at the flea market. Maybe you’ll find a 15 year old Rancor vinyl kit new…

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