Do you know Lego Jesus?

Thatthereengland - does Japan


Obvious sadomasochistic tendencies aside, Mel Gibson’s take on the Passion of Christ seemed to strike (sorry for the poor pun) a chord with Christians around the world who flocked (sorry again) to the cinema to see Hollywood’s latest take on the last days of our saviour.

The stories from the Bible have been told and re-interpreted numerous times in films, books, plays, comics and sometimes even through jokes. OK, rarely through the medium of jokes.

However, it does give me a chance to use a really lame church joke:

I passed my local church on the way to work this morning and saw that the topic for the early sermon was “How Jesus walked on water”. When I passed by on the way back from work I saw that the topic of the evening’s sermon was “Searching or Jesus”.

Ahem, right, what we’re here to talk about is Brendan Powell…

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