4 Books That Will Rock Your World in 2013


BooksBy Brian Steele@briancsteele

By coincidence (or not!) I stumbled into 4 books that rocked my world in 2012. I’m highly recommending them if you’re looking for game-changers in 2013.  Coincidentally (or not!) each of these books looks at the Kingdom of God from different perspectives, but all have the same focal point.

Perhaps you’re asking “What’s the big deal about this kingdom  stuff anyway?” If so, I want to congratulate you for asking what could easily be on the list of  “ALL TIME TOP 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK FOR YOUR LIFE”.

These books answer the question of why the Kingdom of God is highly relevant and practical for every facet of your life.  There isn’t a font big enough, a bold that is bold enough, italics curvey enough, or underline that is underliney enough to emphasize in writing how important God’s kingdom is for even the smallest details…

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