30 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films for 2013 (part 1)

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As I mentioned previously, 2013 is chock full of sci-fi and fantasy movies. Many of last year’s trends are continuing, including fairy tale retelling or reinventions, vampires and supernatural romance, those ubiquitous super-hero movies, and even a new category in the mix: the scorched Earth movie. There are many many 2013 movie lists that you can also Google your way to, but check out this one at Ranting Dragon or this super-thorough one at Dark Horizons.

Scorched Earth movies

Let’s start with films that ponder what we dared not imagine during the recent Mayan End of Days. Typically, Hollywood pits two movies against each other over the same story theme, but this time there are at least three movies to revisit planet Earth after humanity’s long absence. Oblivion (releasing 19 April 2013) takes place 60 years after humanity was attacked by aliens and fled the planet. All that remains…

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