If you’re not sick, visit the train show

Twins In The City

You know whats worse then a sick toddler?? Two sick toddlers.

OK, only one is currently sick, but it won’t be long until the other is too.

The other night my son started projectile vomiting. You know, the kind that shoots out so far and smacks you in the face. It was everywhere; on his sheets, floor, pajamas, crib, hair… While I was cleaning up, Daddy was sitting in the bathroom with him hovering over the toilet, and my precious daughter was so concerned about her brother that she started hysterical crying.

30 minutes later…

We finally put him back in his crib and just as things started settling down it happened all over again. Lesson learned. We decided to sleep on the floor with a bucket close by. Oh and my precious daughter… well, she was so upset about missing out on the fun that she gave herself laryngitis from screaming “get down, I get down”. 30 minutes…

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