Project 3650: Items 310-340

Vivienne's Process of Elimination


James, our employee and friend, modeling a Mexican Wrestling Mask. Don’t ask. FREE. The mask, not James.

This is the part of the project I have been dreading. My kids have a really nice playroom but if there are too many toys in there, especially small action figures, they end up getting dumped on the floor and mixed in with the Legos. This says to me that they have too many toys, period.

In an attempt to restore sanity to this house, I culled through the toys, organized them into baggies and put them in a box. Which has been sitting in my office for months. It has been there so long it is practically furniture now but I know how much work getting rid of that stuff is. Lonny has assured me that many of the toys have value so I can’t just chuck them.

Today I busted into…

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