New Canadian Bald Eagle Coin Only One of Two Hundred Struck Worldwide

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Have you ever wanted to own an extremely rare coin? The 2013 Canadian Bald Eagle Platinum PF70 UC NGC is 1 of only 200 struck worldwide and only 100 were released in the United States! How much more rare can you get?2013 Canada Bald Eagle Platinum PF70 UC NGC with OGP

The striking reverse image features two bald eagles perched on the rocky shore of their natural environment; a broad, fast-moving Canadian river. The bald eagle is Canada’s largest bird of prey, which was recently brought back from the brink of extinction. Centered in the foreground, the eagles sit side-by-side. The one closest to the viewer is presented in three-quarter profile, its characteristic snowy head, sharp curved beak, dark, majestic wing and body feathers, and long talons rendered in exquisite dimensional detail. The eagle stares authoritatively into the eyes of viewer. On the left side of the image, behind and to the side of the central eagle, sits a…

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