Trash Hacker: Fabric Scraps into Tiny Dolls

If you ever consider collecting dolls just check how easy it can be at

Trash Backwards Blog

by Rebecca Rockefeller

Looking for a hand-made gift or winter break craft activity? Rustle up some fabric scraps and other readily available materials and make a group of tiny friends for a dollhouse in your neighborhood. These have been a huge hit with my own kids, filling many rainy afternoons with happy imaginative hours. If you happen to need a dollhouse to go with your dolls, give this one made from old 3-ring binders a look at Southern Disposition or check our web app for even more dolls’ houses and furniture made from reused materials.

Many of the materials needed for these dolls are plastic-free and available without plastic packaging. OK, so the hot glue sticks are heavy on the plastic, but these are toys less plastic, not “plastic-free toys.” If you sew their outfits into place you’ll bring the plastic factor way down. Either way, you’ll finish with flexible…

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