The Bible in Legos, what could go wrong?

If you ever consider collecting Lego just check how easy it can be at


The bible as illustrated by Lego’s. It sound like a great way to get your kids into the bible, or to give life to what you have read in a unique way. It is those things, but I also have some words of caution.  First let’s start with the positive.


The first I heard about the bible in Lego form, or The Brick Testament was via, Andy on Army4one and the neat image above. Instantly I dove in. Instantly it was obvious that the images had a humorous slant, and that it would be a great way to assist young readers in identifying biblical characters, as well  events. The author seems to agree as he has books available now. Lego’s are a wonderful creative toy for children, and something that hangs with us into adulthood due to it’s potential complexities.  A recent home made Lego Bat Cave made the…

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