My Five Favourite SF Novels (Guest Post)

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On Books and Writing

*This is a guest post by writer Colin F Barnes

Johann was kind enough to invite me to chat about what I enjoy in SF and what I consider to be stand out books. Well, in no specific order, here are five that really stand out for me.

1. A Scanner Darkly – Phillip K. Dick

A-Scanner-Darkly-1Where to start with this masterpiece? It’s a semi-autobiographical tale of drug culture in Orange Country. Written in 1977 it sets the story in the then future 1994. Bob Arctor, the protagonist is a drug enforcement officer working undercover, which means he has to partake in the drug called ‘Substance D.’ As the story goes on, Arctor’s reality shifts into two personalities and we see the culture of drug use from both sides of the argument. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s in my mind one of the most poignant and perfect endings in any story, let alone…

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