Downton Abbey

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Some WW1 Photographs...

My British and US readers may wonder why I am writing now a post about the vision of the Great War in Downton Abbey TV series, but the second season is currently broadcast in Italy and I wanted to share my thoughts with you…

Disclaimer #1: I am a genuine fan of the series

Disclaimer #2:  there is no spoiler for those who have watched the first season and the four first episodes of the second season. Anyone interested in watching Downton Abbey and who hasn’t watched these episodes can stop here.

The first season ended with the declaration of war against Germany in 1914, the second season is centered around the impact of the Great War on the differents characters, with a very strong introduction:

The relationship with one of the most famous pics of the Battle of the Somme is quite clear:


But the series isn’t transformed in a…

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