Contest Time! Tweet me a Magic Card, Win Magic Cards

The Feminine Miss Geek

So I went to a gaming gathering a year ago and got, like, five packs of Magic: The Gathering cards that I never opened learned I have a terrible memory. See below.


  • 1 unopened pack Chandra Nalaar 30 cards red Planeswalkers
  • 1 unopened pack Jace Beleren 30 cards blue Planeswalkers
  • 1 Pink suede dice pouch
  • 1 d20
  • Probably some other random crap I have laying around
  • Candy

You want them? Cool! Let’s have a contest!

Head on over to The False Blue Magic Card Maker and make me a card. Tweet that card with the tag #FMGMTG, or leave it in the comments here. I’ll pick a winner and mail you these packs. Make it funny, make it feminist, use your own awesome art, or just pander to my obsessions with Mass Effect and Doctor Who.

Contest ends on Christmas Day, winner will be announced some time after…

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