Found My Second Silver Coin

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Metal Detecting the Ozark Mountains

I had about an hour to go metal detecting, so I headed to a field where I’ve been finding alot of wheat pennies dating from 1910 to the 1950’s. I figured that there had to be silver somewhere in that field based on the number of wheat pennies I was finding.

Honestly, I had all but given up on finding any silver there because for whatever reason it had eluded me. I thought “Surely there is a silver coin in that field somewhere and it seems like a guy could accidentally find a silver coin eventually!” After a handful of junk finds, I got a decent signal and dug down about 3 inches and flipped back the plug, but the target was gone.

I scanned the hole with my Pro-Pointer, and that’s when I saw it next to the plug! A silver-colored coin, small, like a dime. That’s what it…

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