Shuffle Magic – Shuffle Quotient

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For the 3 of you who read my original article on Shuffle Magic, you may be interested to hear an optional amendment to the rules. The intention of this alteration is to balance the game – as fun as the completely random nature of the original is, it would seem a tad unfair if your opponent dropped a Progenitus Turn 1, then followed up with Double Cleave turn 2 whilst you had dribbled out a couple of Islands.

The idea is that you have a number which keeps track of how much mana your shuffle cards would have cost in total so far. The rule is simple – you do not get a shuffle card if your number is greater than your opponent’s. We’ll call this number the ‘shuffle quotient’. I’m sure if this was an official variant this number would be called ‘guile’ or something, but I can afford no such elegance.



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