US ribbons

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Some WW1 Photographs...

I confess: I do not own this series of ribbons and I’ve found this picture on the Web. But I wanted to share it with you anyway, because it may be useful for the fans of American WW1 uniforms. As the picture was lost on my desktop, I think it’s more safe to keep it on this blog.

Because of B&W phtographs, it’s often hard to identify the ribbons worn by the Doughboys on their uniforms. Thanks to this series (probably done by a French tailor, as the text is in French), you can easily identify the most common models, studying the difference between dark and light shades.

Left Column, from top: Philippines Campaign, Cuba Campaign, Cuba Pacification, 1st Mexican Campaign, 2nd Mexican Campaign, Mexican Occupation.

Right column, from top: Spanish-American War, Malta Medal, China Campaign, Philippines Congress Medal, Croix de Guerre, unknown.


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