Take that, lamewads!

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Badge Floozy

Okay, so perhaps the title of this post is a little aggressive, but it’s about getting some of the M:tG Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 could this name be any longer to type online badges, which meant *gasp* having to play with other people, something that I’ve worked very hard to avoid ever since I quit playing WoW because of all the idiots, um,  jackasses, er… delightful younger players who were considerate and fun to play with sexist dickheads who probably hadn’t made it all the way through puberty yet.

Anyhow, I figured, hey, may as well knock out some online badges, because they’re pretty easy, and then I would have fuel for another blog, which I’m sure that you’ve been waiting to read.  I opted for a two-headed giant game, which is where there are two people to a team, and they each play their hands at…

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