Review: NECA Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman

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Planned Banter

Even though I haven’t bought much of their stuff lately, it’s been a spectacular year for NECA. The AlienPredatorTerminator, and Robocop licenses now all sit under one roof, with multiple pieces available from each property. Prometheus seems ready to get the same enthusiastic treatment. The Gremlins product is both varied and successful. I’ve no doubt that The Hunger Games license is already yielding some huge profit on top of looking pretty nice. Next year’s going to bring us the wave of figures from Predator I’ve always wanted, with both Dutch and a more articulated Jungle Hunter, but 2012 has also had some pretty exciting video game based figures. Between lines for Assassin’s Creed and Borderlands, NECA acquired the Valve license, releasing a pair of zombies from Left 4 Dead before Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman dropped into stores a few months ago. It’s been a…

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