Magic the Gathering: The Izzet Suckerpunch

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Screen-Shaped Eyes

Right now in standard, the metagame is still trying to figure itself out. While Bant Control, Jund Zombies and Rakdos Aggro seem to be the main contenders, with White Green Junk or Tokens coming in not far behind. There’s plenty of midrange in the mix, and the Geist of Saint Traft still casts a long shadow. It’s a tough scene, I’ll be the first to admit. My original plan was to use Champion of Lambolt and human tokens to scoot to early victories…but the lack of hexproof or shroud-granting enchantments meant that the Champion simply ended up being a bullet magnet for everything from Selesnya Charm to Pillar of Flame.With the lack of protection for the main card in my deck, I had to go back to the drawing board.

The crux of the problem seemed to be ease of access to effective removal…and lots of it. I banged…

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