His Image – The Coin

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In an argument, you hear both sides; a judge listens to both the defense and prosecution. Similarly, both sides of a coin don’t have the same image. But the coin is invalid or worthless of you don’t have 2 different images.

In the Bible, we see different sides of God that helps us understand Who He is better . In these following issues, do you tend to lean heavily on one side or the other?

Faith — Works
Truth — Grace
Heaven — Hell
Judgement — Mercy
Wrath — Forgiveness
Anger — Love

Know that God’s image is in both. He is the perfect balance of both sides of the coin. View God for Who He is, not what you want Him to be. The perfect balance is seen in the Word of God.

To have the right view of God and all of life’s issues, read it from cover to cover! Know the full…

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