The Hobbit

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Before I begin my review, I must confess to a pre-existing bias against The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s my belief this trilogy of films is going to be a disappointment.

Here’s my reasoning: The Lord of the Rings book trilogy is roughly 1100-pages long and so translated easily into a nine-hour film epic. That math makes sense. The book The Hobbit, on the other hand, is only 300-pages long and they’ve translated it into another nine-hour epic. That makes absolutely no sense. It’s an affront to Tolkien’s original material. I don’t even care if they are adding in Gandalf’s adventures from the appendix. There’s no way to turn a 300-page book into nine hours of film without the story suffering. It’s like turning The Very Hungry Caterpillar into a Ken Burns documentary.  

That said, the trailer looks Ok. They’re keeping a consistent look and feel with the LOTR

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