The 18K Gold Zippo Signet

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For those of you interested in luxury lighters, and for you Zippo loyalists out there, you’ll find the $4,000 18k gold Zippo lighter an exciting prospect. Just don’t use these to lighter your cigars. More details below…

Originally released ten years ago, only 300 of this commemorative 18K gold Zippo Signet Lighter were produced by Zippo owners Sarah Dorn and her son, George B. Duke, to honor Zippo founder George G. Blaisdell on Zippo’s 70th Anniversary.

The design on the lighter replicates that of the signet ring Mr. Blaisdell commissioned Tiffany & Company of New York City to produce in the 1940s. The concept of the ring hearkens back to the 1700s when individuals wore such rings to imprint a wax seal to secure a document or envelope. The reverse likeness on the signet ring displays the image correctly when depressed into the hot wax seal.

Now, we are offering…

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