Stylish Hidden Defense

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So I was thinking about how awesome it would be to be able to defensively fight in style! Being that most people concerned with this matter are usually in their teens to adulthood, it’s quite obvious that you can’t simply hold a weapon in public…or can you? Although these weapons may not be…entirely legal, the ability to have it for desperate times is comforting. Now, how can you hold weapons out in plain sight without people seeing it? Simple! They are disguised as your normal, everyday items. One example is the umbrella sword cane. While it serves its basic function by protecting you against the rain, the handle can be removed to expose a deadly, thin blade.

Umbrella Sword

The picture above is just one of the variations of the umbrella sword. Other variations may include different lengths and styles as well as color of umbrella.

No rain every day? Not a…

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