Megahobby autumn 2012

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Megahobby is over and gladly nothing new was announced that I really want so I guess this is a god send of some sort. The only things of real note were prototypes painted or not.

Last week I was talking about Alter’s Waver figure and this week we have Megahouse’s Waver to drool over. I’ll be straight I don’t like Alter’s version at all, to the point where I think it’s ugly however MH’s is everything I ever wanted in a Waver figure.

Thankith to the ninja photographers!! 

He may be in a boring/average pose but in my opinion it’s tone better than the moe and rather weak looking. Though that is a part of Waver’s character I’m a fan of his strong and determined side that placed loyalty towards Rider (oh dear god I’m getting those feels remembering Fate/Zero). Also you can clearly see his command seal which was a big thing for me…

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