31 Days of Ghosts: Stephen King

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It wouldn’t be Halloween without telling a tale about the author considered the King of Horror.

In truth, this is my own experiences being a Stephen King fan.  For which from a period of 1989 to 1995 I was a complete nut about.  I collected and read everything I could get my hands on written by Stephen King.  That came to an end when I finally picked up the paperback release of Gerald’s Game, which was more a suspense thriller than a horror novel.

I even read the Bachman series of books (admittedly, when I was 13 I believed that Richard Bachman and Randy Bachman of The Guess Who and BTO were the same person).  They were good, but decidedly a different genre than what I was used to from King.  And Running Man, completely different than the movie, which brought out a whole slew of interesting twists…

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