Transfusion #1

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Jenny Mugridge

One of the most interesting comics on the shelves this year has been Transfuion – Vampires vs Robots, a beautiful piece of work from Steve Niles, author of 30 Days of Night, and Menton3 (Menton John Matthews III, if you please) the incredibly talented artist of oil paint and watercolour, as well as a multi-instrumentalist who brought us the stunning artwork of Silent Hill: Past Life.

The back story is summed up succinctly on the first page, in the form of an ominous foretelling – “In the future, robots will run on human blood…and they will destroy the Earth, drinking deep the end of life.” The pages are cold and empty, showing the wasteland that Earth has become with its barren trees; a family are trying to survive by finding small patches of crops to harvest, but are forced to wear gas masks at all times. The mother holds a…

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